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Crash Octopus is the latest game to come from the ultra-unique Japanese publisher, itten games. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re best known for designing games that feel more like interactive art than what you typically think of as a game.

Their 2019 abstract game, Moon Base, is an excellent example of this.

During the 2020 pandemic, multiple Japanese publishers (either directly or through distributing partners) launched Kickstarter campaigns to reach the global market and help curb the slump in domestic sales; most Japanese publishers rely on income from Tokyo Game Market in both spring and fall—both were canceled in 2020.

Crash Octopus was a resounding Kickstarter success, giving hope to other Japanese publishers. 

3,304 backers pledged ¥16,922,593 (154,052 USD) to help bring Crash Octopus (and its 7 stretch goals) to life.

*One bit of content I’d like to add here is a quick talk about the flags. I know many people were concerned about the flags and if they would be strong enough to ensure proper flicking. 

I’m happy to report that the flags work beautifully. There are even extras included in the box.

Sadly, the pandemic has slowed logistics, and backers had to wait a little longer than they were expecting. 

Thankfully, Taiwan isn’t far from Japan. My copy arrived sooner than I had even anticipated. Here’s a quick peek inside!

And yeah, I threw that insert out immediately after filming this video.


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